If you have any questions, requests or bug reports about Tungsten, Please submit to the support forum.

However, please note that we cannot answer all feedbacks.

Support Info

Private data remain even when Tungsten was uninstalled
If you use installer version, you can uninstall at Control Panel - [Programs and Features].
However, this uninstaller doesn't delete private data (favorites, histories, settings, etc.). If you want to delete private data, there are following place:
Can Tungsten run in Windows Vista or earlier?
No, Tungsten doesn't work in Windows Vista or earlier.
Micsosoft has already finished support of Windows Vista and all earlier version. Please upgrade to Windows 7 or later.
Some Tungsten's components are deleted by Anti-Virus software
Some Anti-Virus software report that Tungsten is infected. However, this is a false positive if you downloaded from official site.
We know Avast's and Symantec's products are.
Symantec solved it, and reported us, "Tungsten has been added in our White Lists."

Avast still mistakes while Tungsten's install process.
So please install Tungsten in Avast's safe mode.

If you find another misdetection, please report us.
Can Tungsten run in Windows 8.x?
Tungsten can work in Windows 8 and 8.1 as desktop application.
We will not support Immersive browser mode (Windows Store App).
How to recover when Tungsten is freezed at using Trident
If Tungsten is freezed, please try following steps;
  1. Open Windows task manager. (You can open by Ctrl + Shift + Esc)
  2. Open "Details" tab (for Windows 7; open "Processes" tab), find and terminate the process "TungstenBrowser.exe".
  3. Tungsten asks "Abnormal termination detected. Do you want to restore?". Click [Yes] to restore.
How to fix drawing issues when using Trident rendeing engine
If Trident engine causes drawing issue when installed Internet Explorer 9 or later, please try following steps;
  1. Click "Tungsten" button and click "Settings".
  2. Click "Rendering Engine" in the left tree.
  3. Uncheck "GPU rendering", and click [OK].